Making A Sigil 

Sigils will add greatly to the power of your workings.  it can be used for any thing from destruction to healing, Ok when it comes to making a sigil there are two ways you can go about it. Important note make sure the moon is not void and you can use planatary hours/days in this as well, as the signs of the moon and planets but this is more advanced, most important is to make sure the moon is not void. Also clean your aura and chakras after any destruction ritual you do. This is not really needed in healing rituals or white magick The other important thing to do is program the energy by repeating the affirmation mentioning all of the runes or the affirmation for your sigil at least 8 times before you burn it. I should also mention keep the sigil for as long as you want and keep empowering it before burning it (to add power until you feel enough is added) as long as its not a destruction sigil or empowered with destructive energies DO NOT keep an empowered destruction sigil around for very long, burn it as soon as possible when you are done empowering it. The reason for this is obvious you do not want that energy linger around you and your house for very long. You can make the effects more immediate by saying so mote it be at least 8 times in a row. 

Basic steps, 
1. Create the sigil with your affirmations/intention
2. Empower it with the runes corresponding with what you desire and/or energy corresponding with what you desire, putting emotion into it is always good as well.
3. Program the energy by repeating the affirmation and/or your intention a few times.
4. Burn it to release the energy.

9: Power/completion
11: One of Satan's Numbers also luck and powerful as well, love, the number of soulmates. 
22: 11+11 doubling of Satan's numbers 
21: Someone told me this is a power number of what it symbolizes I am not sure. 
8: Godhood, Power 
17: Power and completion
2: one of Satans Number666: I highly doubt anyone is going to vibrate any runes or anything else this many times LOL but power of the sun symbolic of the age of Satan (Aquarius) and the internet also a lucky number in Asian culture. 
33: Power number the number of vertebra on the spine symbolizes the raised Kundalini 
These are the numbers I know of right now feel free to let me know in the contact me section if i got anything wrong. 
It is my belief that the more vibrations of the runes (or sanskrit etc) and the more power put into it the better for whatever working you are using, but overdoing it can obviously be bad as well in certain workings (especially destruction for new people as those energies need to be banished and you need to be able to handle them, as well as love spells) Find what works for you. 

Beginner Way: (See Bottom for Advanced Sigil that is much simpler im however leaving up the beginner one as some might prefer it and it has much needed info/background on sigils, im not sure anymore what the intermediate one is if I find it I will update this

Take an affirmation like "all energies raised today are inciting an interest in Spiritual Satanism the mass mind and awakening humanity to the truth. Now this is an affirmation for your sigil affirmations should always be in present tense and now will, or future tense, as that future will never come, energy doesn't understand that and will do as programmed and likely just dissipate, it is always best when in a spell to feel and know that it is happening as if right now (even though its obviously not that's what your spell will achieve) feel like whatever you worked for is done, and don't dwell on it either positively or negatively afterwards, also self doubt is the worst thing possible in magick don't doubt know what you are doing the spell for IS happening and through doing that it will manifest into your life (sooner or later depending on how powerful you are, you may need to repeat the spell) note also that if you are wanting to get serious about spiritual warfare, and making sigils often (some people do them mutiple times every day along with vibrations of the runes) doing a Satanic or any kind of ritual with tools etc every time will add much power to it but if you have time constraints or cannot do Satanic rituals a ritual while doing sigils its not needed every time. 

Now to sigil making the affirmation I am using is "all energies raised today are inciting an interest in the mass mind in Spiritual Satanism and awakening humanity to the truth" First Y=I so the use of the letter I is never used if Y is present use Y instead, Next is to remove all repeating letters (for whatever your affirmation is) so it should look like this removing the repeating letters  for this affirmation in order the letters would be ALENRGYSDTOCHMUWK note that it doesn't need to be in order, now the next step is to take those letters and creatively design them on a piece of paper (or whatever you are using) with a pen, pencil or marker, colors used don't really matter, but can help for instance if you are using satanic energies use blue or black, the energies of mars use red, the energies of Pluto purple Saturn mustard gray, but this is not needed as you can visualize these colors, going into the sigil, especially if you are prining off one and don't have a color printer or have to use a library that doesn't allow color printing, now making sure everything is connected creatively style these letters in a small or large drawing depending on what you want to do, if you did this right you should feel the power of the sigil (if you are open to sensing energy if your not don't worry just follow these instructions and you'll be OK and most of all be creative with this that makes it more fun especially if just to give an example your repetitively cursing the Jews daily etc) 

Ok the next step is adding the runes, (I am using runes here you can also add sansrit lettering, enocian etc and you don't need runes you can empower your sigil with planetary energy, star energy, elemental energy, the sun, your energy, anything else you know of that I failed to mention that works for you, or a combination of all of these things so basically leave the sigil as is if you are not going to use runes or anyother symbol or writing to empower it the same thing would apply to things like sanskrit writing, etc though WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS THAT YOU EMPOWER YOUR SIGIL WITH SOMETHING OTHERWISE YOUR RESULTS WILL BE VERY WEAK COMPARED TO WHAT YOU WOULD GET IF YOU EMPOWERED YOUR SIGIL) in this case we are going to use the runes that I used in my ritual for inciting public interest in Spiritual Satanism Which would be Laguz, Sowilo, Othala, and Ansuz, Now draw the runes over the sigil preferably with a permanent marker, or larger writing pen or pencil so they are more pronounced (use something different than what you used to draw the sigil) also make sure that the runes are inside the sigil 

Ok now the next step if you want to is adding blood, although this is optional adding a few drops of blood (your own) to the runes, and sigil will greatly empower it, and you can add it to other parts of the sigil as well, or heck make the whole sigil including runes out of blood (note I believe this has been done before) if you are so inclined, and have the proper equipment, its on you how far you go with this, just use proper safety precautions such as not sharing a needle and having sterilized equipment whatever you use. I use a safety pin on my fingers and add blood to every sigil I make. I prefer always adding a few drops to whatever runic magick I do but its up to you. 

The final step is burning the sigil to release the energy, NOTE: burning the sigil should always be done when you create your sigil and empower it with runic affirmations. Ignore the new age people that think that carrying a sigil around in your pocket is going to do much, a sigil is different than a crystal which could be programmed and carried around for different purposes depending on the properties of the crystal etc. 

Also note: the affirmation on the runes does not have to be the same as the affirmation you created the sigil with, use affirmations specific to the properties of the rune you are using as well as your goals, Example for this particular affirmation or working could be: 
"The energies of Othala are working to remind humanity of our ancient pagan roots" or "The energies of Ansuz are working to free humanity from the tyranny of the enemy and awaken humanity to the truth" Etc 

Ok the second way of making the sigil you do not have to have everything connected is have a picture or symbol of what you are targeting or wishing to manifest, you can add letters and and affirmation on top of that or not your choice or just write the affirmation on the back, be creative here as well and use your intuition draw the runes on top of the picture or sigil you can draw all the runes (or sanskrit lettering, other symbols or nothing if you are using something else mentioned above to empower the sigil AGAIN THE IMPORTANT THING IS YOU EMPOWER IT) connected over the symbol (an example is the kike destruction sigil)  Same thing applies as above on here, note you can have a picture or symbol and draw a sigil like the first one on the back, add blood, etc be creative, with this you can create quite an elaborite pic if your artistic and enjoy it and add your energies to it as well as the runes/and or whatever else your using to empower it. 

Advanced Way (more powerful) 
As background for what I wrote above applies this way is a lot simpler but much more powerful, Take the first letters of each word and remove the repeating phrases for example: The Jewish Race Is Permanently Destroyed"  Your Sigil would be "TJRIPD" another example "humanity is interested in Satanism and Awake to the truth " your sigil would be "HS". Depending on your affirmation you could have as few as 2 letters, design creatively with the runes, energy, symbols, pictures or whatever you are using and enjoy. 

Hail Satan

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