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It is my hope that you do proper research on the topic of Spiritual Satanism instead of judging it as evil or superstition. As a former Christian who grew up in a Christian home. I have found its good to question things and find out for yourself if they are true or not by looking into what the other side has to say. Now I will openly admit that the world is not black and white, and there are other religions, but I would like to clear up any misconceptions you may have on the topic of Satanism. I understand that if you are a Christian or have been brought up in a strongly antisatanic environment where you are likely coming from. Either you feel fear or disgust in your hearts at the very mention of Satanism, if that is the case I would like you to know what we are about and what we really do, Please click here and watch this short video on Satanic Rituals and What they really are I invite you to click the links in the information box of that video and read a real Satanic ritual. There is nothing to be scared of once you learn what we really do and are really about we really don't have anything to hide. Secondly you might think we are weird and/or just want to rebel against society, I admit there is some truth to that, but if you read my website you will find out that regardless of what is drummed into your heads in order to truly know yourself conformity is not best answer and we really are all different and you DONT have to put a front on and be who you don't want to be. Satanism (and several other beliefs as well) is about forethought and being yourself. You will find in time that while this is thought of as rebellion by some its not even about that in the end. Its about living up to your full potential and being who you were created to be. If you have any other reaction that is negative to Satanism I would like you just to take a breath and truly think for yourself for at leas a little while and research into this path with an open mind. You really don't have anything to lose and you don't have to become a Satanist, but if you decide to research this path it is a very liberating and life loving path that believes in individuality, balance, ethics, justice, creativity, acceptance of those that society shuns, and most of all questioning things and being intellectually honest, and bringing back the ancient practices and wisdom that were once held sacred by the majority of earth. Take the time to at least look at what we have to say. 

Peace, Love, and Freedom!!!

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